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About the vw super bowl ad with the Jamaican accent…yu racist fi coming on vacation?
so vw mek a ad wid a white man talkin like a jamaican the interwebs caught fire here is my take… Filed under: carla moore, is it me?, trolling these interwebs, Uncategorized, vlog, wah yu tink?, yardstyle
From desperate measures to shot a fire- dancehall a tell we everyting if we only listen
  In Herbert Gayle’s study of coping strategies in an inner-city community, men are expected to ‘make life’ by fair means, juggling, or by foul mean, hustling. Juggle if you can, but hustle if you must. But you must do something. To do nothing is to be judged and branded “worthless”…For many men meeting the
Utech Beating, Jamaica, Homophobia and Backra Massa’s Legacy
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